DANNAR® Export Power

Stronger, Safer, Cleaner, Resilient Communities

Community leaders face complex challenges in today’s fast-moving world. Some of these problems include aging diesel equipment, outdated electrical infrastructure, emergency events, environmental mandates, and surging electricity demand. DANNAR is helping communities and leaders meet these challenges with a new class of machine called the Mobile Power Station®. DANNAR combined clean electric power from BMWi3 batteries with heavy-duty hydraulics to form the ultimate work machine.

The DANNAR Mobile Power Station is a rugged, heavy-duty, battery electric work machine that can outperform leading diesel equipment in utilization, safety, reliability, cost savings, and carbon emission reductions. The DANNAR MPS gives communities the ability to adapt and respond quickly to the work and energy demands of today.

Exportable Electric Power on Wheels: The DANNAR MPS provides up to 625 kWh of mobile energy on board. That’s enough energy to charge six Chevy Volts, power a cell phone tower for 12 days, or a home for 17 days!

Some features on the DANNAR MPS 4.00 include:

  • Half a megawatt (500 kWh) of energy
  • Export panel configurable with multiple 110VAC and 208VOC outlets

Watch our latest video “Export Power” below to see how DANNAR and the Muncie Sanitation District are helping their community “plug in and power up.”


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