Helping you imagine how to build your DANNAR system. 

Today we are looking back at the 2018 American Public Works Association conference in Kansas City. It was there that we had our smaller version MPS prototype powering a monitor that played the Build Your DANNAR video for the first time. Many of you have seen it several times by now. It has been a go-to video for us as we describe the configurability the DANNAR® Mobile Power Station, which started by listening to so many fleet managers at APWA conferences and being on-the-job with them.

They said we need to do more with less. They said some days are just about maintenance, but then everything changes with an emergency. They said we are concerned about emissions and its impact on our communities. They said we need power.

Here is a link to Gary Dannar, giving a 3:27 tour of that 2018 APWA booth that was complete with the concept vehicle, the DANNAR 3.00, the Build Your DANNAR playing alongside the DANNAR 4.00. We also had several features such as the cab, operator tools and the remote to help us gain more preferences directly from those accomplish the tasks before you each day.

Today we are replacing the Build Your DANNAR video, with a new 2:00 clip which is expanded to help you imagine how to build your DANNAR System. While the MPS® is Our Innovation – we depend on Your Imagination.

We are delighted to present: DANNAR. Always Ready.

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