Mobile Power Stations®

Shown here in video the DANNAR 3.00 and below the DANNAR 4.00.

Revolutionary electric work vehicles and energy platforms.

All Electric. All Day.

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Mobile Power Station - DANNAR registered trademark
A revolutionary electric work vehicle and energy platform that provides autonomous, multi-function utility for daily off-road maintenance. and emergency power for disaster response.
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Introducting the all new DANNAR 400 Mobile Power Station

Energy on Wheels

The DANNAR 3.00 and DANNAR 4.00 are the first all-electric Mobile Power Stations® that utilize a componentized modular design for day-to-day maintenance, emergency response and provides emergency auxiliary power.

Transform Your Fleet

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® have the Power to Transform your fleet, by replacing many single-use work vehicles with a multi-functional, zero-emissions, configurable platform for your daily maintenance and emergency response needs.

Transform Your Community

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® have the Power to Transform your community and its air quality by providing zero-emissions heavy-work vehicle, solar-powered and configurable, to meet event, seasonal, maintenance and emergency support.

Let Us Show You How

Our Mobile Power Stations® are able to replace single use work equipment, while lowering both acquisition and operating costs, and can be used all year round. All electric. All day.

What amount of energy is available?

The DANNAR 4.00 comes standard with three battery packs that offer a minimum of 126 kWh of stored energy.  A maximum of twelve battery packs per DANNAR can provide 504 kWh of energy.  At a minimum this compares to two Tesla EV’s or work for eight to ten  hours on site.  How much energy do you need? Let us know and we will configure to your needs.

What about operator safety?

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® are designed with the operator’s safety in mind.   If configured without an operator work platform or climate-controlled cab, every DANNAR can be operated remotely.  The DANNAR standard light bar can be configured to communicate visual motion and activity.  What unique safety concerns do you have? Let us know so we can work together for operator safety.

What types of attachments work with the DANNAR?

Every DANNAR’s export panel is configurable with multiple 110VAC and 208VAC outlets, along with Type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuits. Over 250 CAT®, Bobcat® and John Deere® attachments can be powered by the DANNAR. What attachment or tasks do you need to accomplish? Let us know so we can work together for your DANNAR solution.

What about equipment maintenance?

With its all-electric drivetrain, the DANNAR reduces moving parts from hundreds to tens. Fewer parts means less maintenance, which ultimately equates to saved dollars and time. Not sure how to start transitioning to reduced maintenance budget, zero-emission fleet? Share with us your current equipment needs and we can help you begin.

What are other unique features?

The DANNAR is submersible up to four feet. All electric means quiet, clean energy making it ideal for event and heavily populated settings. What is your unique need? We are here to listen.

A word from Gary Dannar

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Talk to Our Experts

Interested in learning more? Want to be included in a demonstration? Email or phone and one of our experts will be glad to listen to your needs and answer your questions.

Energy on Wheels to Ports

The DANNAR 4.00 is transforming the Port of Stockton in Sacramento, CA.

“It’s good for the environment, it’s good for our kids, it’s healthy,” Neighbor Joe Esparza said.

DANNAR with fork, lift and operator at a port

Built for Response

DD DANNAR, LLC is the proud innovator of a new heavy equipment category, Mobile Power Station® (MPS®). A revolutionary electric work vehicle and energy platform that has the power to transform the future.

DANNAR 400 MPS clearing damaged trees during natural disaster

Disaster Response

Energy on Wheels to be the first to arrive with 504 kWh of energy stored in high-capacity BMW lithium ion battery packs; along with export panels and ability to power multiple hydraulic tools.
DANNAR 400 MPS with front loader repairing road in the city

Infrastructure Maintenace

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® can replace many single-function diesel-fueled utility vehicles, with zero-emission to meet government standards today and into the future.
DANNAR 400 MPS driving through flooded neighborhood

Tactical Utility

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® are configurable for any number of interior and exterior environments, including up to four feet of water, providing the flexibility needed for tactical field requirements.

The DANNAR 3.00 in Action

See our revolutionary DANNAR 3.00 in action and the introduction of the DANNAR 4.00 in our Video Library. Both are “Energy on Wheels”, with the DANNAR 4.00 having enhanced symmetrical design.
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