Energy Resilience & Distribution

  “For the energy resilience of a base, where I put a generator outside of every single building to provide resilience.  So, you can see the future as we move away from internal combustion engines is not a one-for-one swap.  That is a purpose-built platform every time. I’m going to do a front-loader, I’m going to do a backhoe…  What you have here in these electric platforms of the future are dynamic, they are modular, they’re mobile.   They are a portfolio driven platform.  We want you to see that exportable energy off of a platform like this changes how we see energy.   How it changes energy distribution across the battlefield of the future.”

– Lt. Col. Brandon Newell


Let’s go – safely. We have listened to and understand from you that there are many advantages for heavy-duty equipment and vehicles to be semi or fully autonomous. We have heard descriptions of everything from crop management, to rough terrain, to trails, to manicured lawns. And always at the center of the discussion has been operator safety. So yes, your DANNAR can be autonomous.

The original DANNAR 300 Mobile Power Station. Shown with hydralic accessory.

Robotic Research

Autonomy that Outlasts.

What began as a small team of former NIST scientists specializing in the development of solutions to meet the unique needs of our armed forces, Robotic Research has grown into a household name in commercial and government autonomous operations.

Industry Leaders.

1st company DoD-approved to operate autonomously around pedestrians.
1st wartime deployments of unmanned systems.
1st unmanned autonomous trucks delivered for Army logistics applications.
1st prototype SAE Level-4 transit bus.
1st automated heavy-duty mass transit bus used in revenue service


The DANNAR 4.00 base configuration comes standard with three 42 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion battery packs (126 kWh total), and can be easily upgraded with up to nine additional packs for a total of 504 kWh of on-board electricity. Built on a heavy-duty steel ladder frame, the DANNAR 4.00 can be ordered with or without an operator cab or platform.

NEW! Introducing the DANNAR 400 Mobile Power Station.

Press Release

CLARKSBURG, Md.—June 29, 2021—Robotic Research, a global leader in autonomous driving technology and solutions, announced today that it was selected by DD DANNAR, LLC (“DANNAR”) to be the preferred provider of autonomy features for the company’s Mobile Power Station (MPS) platforms.

To kick off this collaboration, Robotic Research and DANNAR demonstrated how the DANNAR 4.00 MPS, in particular, can serve as an unmanned logistics vehicle for U.S. troops at the Electric & Unmanned Logistics Demo Day, held on June 23 at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, in San Diego…

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