DANNAR MPS+Attachments

“We cover it from work, all the way to power, and everything in between.  And that is up to the fleet manager to decide how much work, how much power and how much in between.  The exciting thing about the fleet manager is they know their needs and they may want to use the machine in a way that is not even available in the marketplace.   But with 250+ attachments to choose from, that are available from big world manufacturers, you can create a vehicle that doesn’t even exist.”   — Gary Dannar

Just a Few Examples

  “The performance, no compromise.   In fact, in many cases the performance actually increases.  These are hydraulic work tools, mechanical work tools that have been well-engineered, that have been designed to work with diesel equipment.   What we are finding is those same attachments when you put them on a Mobile Power Station, our customers are telling us, the attachments actually work better.  

That’s because electricity is not weak.  Electricity is very powerful, very controllable and it will run those attachments and those systems very efficiently. “ – Gary Dannar


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