The NEW DANNAR 400 Mobile Power Station.

Build Your DANNAR

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® are the first all-electric, heavy-duty equipment that utilizes a componentized modular design.

All Electric. All Day. 

All base units…

…come with Type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuits, variable flow and pressure. The export panels are configurable with multiple 110VAC and 208VAC outlets, (optional 480 and 240 available). These Mobile Power Station features bring power to over 250 CAT®, Bobcat® and John Deere ® attachments. This allows one zero-emissions DANNAR to respond to multiple daily, seasonal and emergency response needs.

This video is a small example of how you can begin to think about how you would build your DANNAR, and change it as you need for different applications.

Industry Examples

Learn more about how the DANNAR can be configured to meet the needs of your specific industry.

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Product Features

Make sure you have read all about how DANNAR Mobile Power Stations  can transform your fleet and your community.

Video Library

Have you seen DANNAR Mobile Power Stations in action? Safety, productivity, and cost, the DANNAR delivers exceptionally.


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