The DANNAR MPS® could be a vital part in providing reliable backup power for the grid during natural disasters such as wild fires.

That is what this article from Energy News Network explores.

Certain California cities are looking at the MPS as a possible solution to increase wildfire resistance.

Gary Dannar, founder and CEO, is quoted in the article as saying, “During wildfires electricity is as important as life support, or as air and water. Emergency firefighters and emergency responders cannot do their job without electricity.”

Further, a city trying to dispatch and distribute generators quickly during an emergency isn’t practical. “It doesn’t work,” Dannar said. “Even standby generators that already are in place many times do not work. … Having your energy on wheels that can be distributed and mobilized is a first and very strong strategy for making sure you can respond to emergencies.”

The article goes on to say that, “State leaders, regulators, and the utilities are in agreement that the power grid must be fixed in order to prevent more wildfires and cities need to build resilience.”

DANNAR MPS® can be a part of that solution.


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