DANNAR® 4.00 is merging work and power, providing enough power to work all day long.

All Electric. All Day.


DANNAR 400 supporting vital infrastructure by clearing snow on a college campus

DANNAR 4.00 - Base Model Description

The DANNAR 4.00 base configuration comes standard with 125 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion batteries and can be easily upgraded with up to a total of 504 kWh of on-board electricity. The export panel is configurable with multiple 110VAC and 208VAC outlets. Built on a heavy-duty steel ladder frame, the DANNAR 4.00 can be ordered with or without an operator cab or platform. The base model comes standard with dual flat beds to accommodate a range of work functions from adding scissor lifts, forklift masts, or dump beds, to water tanks, electric water pumps, portable light units, or mobile telescoping cell towers. The DANNAR 4.00 accommodates all standard Caterpillar®, Bobcat®or John Deere®attachments and is submersible in up to four feet of water. The DANNAR carries Type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuits, is four-wheel drive and has four-wheel, multi-mode steering.  Full and semi-autonomous options also available.

In the open platform configuration, the DANNAR 4.00 can provide up to a half Megawatt of energy storage in its high-capacity BMW lithium ion battery packs. An optional 60 kW Cummins tier four generator can also provide 600 kWh of continuous export power and battery recharging. Solar charging stations can be integrated with the DANNAR 4.00 to provide extended off-grid energy independence and energy resilience.

See the DANNAR Mobile Power Station 4.00 in action.

Check out the videos in our video library to see how DANNAR can meet all of your work needs.

DANNAR. Always Ready.

See how flexible and configurable the DANNAR can be – season by season, maintenance or emergency, work or distributed energy resource.  For operational considerations consider remote, climate-controlled cab, operator platform, semi or fully autonomous.   

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