Clean Energy for Dirty Jobs – AFWERX Challenge #2!

In July of 2020, DANNAR and our Mobile Power Station (MPS®) announced that we were selected to participate in the AFWERX challenge. You can read our original post here.

AFWERX is a platform to further strengthen our Air Force and in 2020 was focused on building the “Base of the Future”. The future is electric and DANNAR has exportable power solutions to help make our bases electric too! Our revolutionary MPS® is specifically suited to increasing base resiliency by through exportable power, infrastructure maintenance, and emergency response.

Now, in this second challenge, we are presenting our solution: “Clean Energy for Dirty Jobs”.

DANNAR has been selected to participate in the Reimagining New Warfighting and Operational Equipment Challenge Showcase. AFWERX has over 200 government and military evaluators review all the submissions from the first challenge. Out of 141 submissions, DANNAR was one of only 21% of the companies selected for this second round.

Read more at AFWERX Challenge.

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