DANNAR’s mission is to maximize the innovation and integration of intelligent technology to transform mobile work and resilient power systems.  DANNAR is changing the way we work, build, repair and use electricity.  DANNAR integrates SAFEMAN® work controls for increased worker safety and is the new industry leader in battery and renewable energy production, storage and software systems.

DANNAR’s heavy-duty, off-road platforms are designed to power hydraulic and electric work attachments – for off-road autonomous and semi-autonomous work; to transport and export power for increased energy resiliency through mobile micro-grids; to improve emergency response; and to accelerate public and private infrastructure development.  DANNAR’s guarantee is to build stronger, cleaner, safer and more resilient communities.

Start. Clean.

 One of our first taglines described how the DANNAR journey began with the idea of simply “start”. Start to solve the problem of unclean air. Start with needed work tools to solve problems, provide resiliency for the local workforce, as they support their local economy. Start a new solution on a clean sheet of paper. We look forward to having you join us.

Vision –
Building the heavy-duty equipment and the workforce of the future.

Mission –
Empowering people to build and maintain quality of place.

Quality of Place

“The physical characteristics of a community, the way it is planned, designed, developed and maintained that affect the quality of life of people living and working in it and those visiting it both now and in the future”.

One Team. One Fight.

DANNAR thrives with high-performing teams at every level of our company, as well as our partner organizations and our community. Together, we serve our customers and end users.  We rely on feedback from them to provide us with clear direction so we can jointly improve the quality of place and our world.


We thank the U.S. Navy Seals for this inspiring value.

Honor-Built Manufacturing

At the core of DANNAR equipment and workforce is “Honor.” Honor is how we approach all facets of engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly, as well as our community and customer partnerships. It is with respect for our end users and capturing their knowledge of their unique needs that we allow them maximum flexibility to create DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® along with us. It is with honor that we stand with them; and together we serve our world.


We thank the 75,000 Sears Honor Built home builders of 1908-1940 for this inspiring value.

Disciplined Innovation

Innovation without discipline may have unintended consequences. Discipline alone can lead to feverish endeavors that run counter to societal balance. It is the blending of these core values of the human spirit that eventually provides our basic needs and greatest joys. At DANNAR, disciplined innovation is not just in our platforms, it is within our workforce and the many high-performing systems that allow continued stewardship of our environment.


We thank Thomas Edison, one of 23 inventors of the light bulb, yet the one to create a way for the invention to make its way into common use, for this inspiring value.

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® - The Power to Transform

Click below to find out all the ways the DANNAR product series can transform your fleet and transform your community.

All electric. All day.

Let Us Show You How

Our Mobile Power Stations® are able to replace single use work equipment, while lowering both acquisition and operating costs, and can be used all year round. All electric. All day.

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