InsideEVs, an online publication dedicated to exploring the world of electric vehicles, on November 24th wrote an article highlighting how the DANNAR MPS® can take on any number of jobs from construction sites to farms. These industries are dominated by diesel powered heavy equipment, that in the words of author David Lardner, are “… also a huge part of the US carbon footprint. The motors that power them are subject to federal emission standards that have been made more stringent in recent years. However, according to the EPA, this type of equipment is still responsible for 23% of greenhouse gas emissions from the US.”

He goes on to say about the MPS®, “It’s a one-vehicle, many machines type of solution. That means a backhoe that’s useful all summer long, can be quickly and easily converted into a snowplow for winter. That’s one example but there are countless others. Having interoperability with so many different types of equipment, one platform can easily perform many tasks over the course of a year. This is a huge win for cash strapped municipalities. Why would a company or municipality opt to have a backhoe parked all winter long when it could be doing another job?”

Read the whole article on InsideEVs here.


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