This year on the Sundberg-Ferar panel ”Startups Making it BIG/Enduring Innovation”, Jeevak Badve and Lynnaea Myers brought together panelists to discuss innovation in our modern world. Sanjay Gupta and Shorya Awtar along with Gary Dannar discussed innovation, both the excitement and challenges. While each panelist shared some background and the journey of their innovations, much of the conversation focused on their teams, how to engage at different levels of leadership and tips for startups focusing on disruptive products.

This panel was part of Sunberg-Ferar’s Virtual Design Conference.

“In our conference, we will get boots-on-the-ground experts in the field to shed light on this heartbeat of America – the start-up and entrepreneurial community, their passions, goals, aspirations, challenges and barriers. We will have a spectrum of start-ups join in to share their insights and perspectives, good and bad. We will have experts from accelerators and incubators chime in from their experience in coming alongside entrepreneurs through their assortment of start-up services. And of course, we will have experts in the field of design and innovation to share their successful and proven methodologies to get your idea off the ground and make it a commercial success.”

We at DANNAR were honored for Gary to participate in this discussion along with the other panelists. Thank you to Jeevak and Lynnaea and all the panelists for sharing from your experience and expertise.

You can find all of the conference sessions videos here and be sure to check out the panel that includes Gary’s portion below.

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