Forging Ahead, While Looking Back

Recently we looked back at powerpoints we created in 2011 to reference some research. While the company logo and tag line have been updated, our Mission and Vision have remained. Our vision continues to respond to environmental needs and the request of those working as stewards of our environment. Why? Our mission is to empower people to build and maintain their quality of place, and clean air is imperative for quality living. How? Through our vision of building the heavy-duty equipment and the workforce of the future.  A clean, all electric, heavy-duty work and energy platform,  our Mobile Power Station® provides clean alternative to heavy-duty work and mobile micro-grid power.

Now in 2020 we see even more results of climate change, and we were more than willing to add the DANNAR name to the CALSTART-led National Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition letter to Congressional leadership to advocate for ZET incentives and policies that would advance the state of the industry. In May of this year we also became a Pledge Partner in CALSTART’s Global Commercial Drive to Zero. It was in September of 2018 we joined many in Diesel Free by ’33 at the Global Climate Summit.


These PDFs can help you learn more about these initiatives, see how to join, as well as take a look at a couple of images, where we presented – let the Mobile Power Station® help you make a difference. We encourage – Start. Clean.

DANNAR® is building and supporting the intersection of clean zero-emission energy and high-performing off-road work machinery.


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