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Here’s the lead into the conversation about “Energy as a Service”.


As the United States moves toward renewable energy, how do you see equipment like this playing into that?  And do you think that there will be a heightened focus not from just the municipalities that you mention, but also from corporations and perhaps the military to have off-road vehicles such as this?


Absolutely, the recreation market and the other markets.  It is interesting, the catchphrase that has shown up in the last few years is “energy as a service”.  And I think this is fascinating.  The commercial world has always been about renting equipment or renting services of some sort.  Whether it is scaffolding or lighting, machinery.  I need somebody to come in and combine my field.  It’s always been services.  And now we have added this new phrase, in a sense, energy as a service.  And we are obviously referring to electric energy.  And can electric be commercialized and be offered as a service?   Of course it can.  So there are all dimensions of that and I think you will see the commercial market respond, and they are already are quite honestly.  Charging, and micro-grids, portable micro-grids.  There’s a lot of industry in place now that there is no grid there now, there never has been. Water pumps perhaps that are running on diesel engines.  Construction sites ….

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