Mobile Power Station®

DANNAR Mobile Power Station® (MPS®) series are the most complete maintenance and disaster response platforms on the market today, providing year-round infrastructure and off-road maintenance, disaster response, and supplemental off-grid export power.

DANNAR 400 supporting vital infrastructure by clearing snow on a college campus

Infrastructure Maintenance

Every yard is full of many single-use heavy equipment and maintenance vehicles that can be replaced by a single DANNAR 3.00 or 4.00.

With a towing capacity in excess of 600,000 pounds and optional work arms with a 6,850 pound load capacity,the DANNAR out performs traditional skid steers or track loaders.

The onboard hydraulic power unit provides a universal quick plate for any CAT® Bobcat® or John Deere attachments, as well as type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuits for chain saws, breakers or impact wrenches.

DANNAR 400 driving through flood water helping with disaster response

Emergency Response

DANNAR Mobile Power Stations® are the first-of-its-kind emergency response vehicles that combines emergency power with the ability to clear destroyed streets and travel through nearly four feet of flood water.

The base DANNAR 4.00 configuration comes standard with three 42 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion battery packs (126 kWh total).

An optional 60 kWh Tier 4 generator provides 600 kWh of continuous, off-grid electricity and battery recharging. Combined with a 50-gallon fuel tank, the DANNAR can recharge itself for multiple days before refueling.

NEW! Introducing the DANNAR 400 Mobile Power Station.


The DANNAR 4.00 base configuration comes standard with three 42 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion battery packs (126 kWh total), and can be easily upgraded with up to nine additional packs for a total of 504 kWh of on-board electricity. Built on a heavy-duty steel ladder frame, the DANNAR 4.00 can be ordered with or without an operator cab or platform.


The DANNAR 3.00 base configuration comes standard with two 33 kWh BMW i3 Li-Ion battery packs (66 kWh total), and can be easily upgraded to four packs for a total of 132 kWh on-board electricity…

The original DANNAR 300 Mobile Power Station. Shown with hydralic accessory.

Learn about the revolutionary features of the MPS®

Safety Features

The DANNAR is safe for operators and nearby public. Machines can be dangerous, especially those that don’t get used very often. Daily use brings familiarity and proper servicing.

  • Easy to use remote control featuring an emergency stop button
  • Submersible into water up to four feet without any danger
  • Long range remote control allows for distance when user feels unsafe nearby


DANNAR is clean, quiet, and good public policy.  Your fleet will benefit as you use the latest technologies to solve real world problems while maintaining responsible and best business practices.

  • Year-round usability can replace multiple single-use machines to reduce overall cost
  • Zero Emissions
  • Clean and quiet

Cost of Operation

Electric machines cost less than diesel machines and related mechanical systems.

  • Maintenance support system augmented by Ruggedized ODG R-7 VR Smartglasses
  • From fuel costs be to maintenance costs, you will save money on your fleet operation
  • Year-round usability, one DANNAR can replace multiple single-use machines to reduce overall cost


Since the DANNAR is used frequently, operators better understand how they can be operated safely and with more productivity. Machines used daily are more likely to be in better repair and will have more “up time”.

  • Export panel is configurable with multiple 110VAC and 208VAC outlets.
  • Type I, II and II hydraulic tool circuits, Variable flow & pressure

Build Your DANNAR®

See how DANNAR can be customized to meet your needs. 

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