Battery on Wheels

She’s right. Often, when we are out and about with the DANNAR MPS® we stir up curiosity. Sometimes we are misunderstood, like a response to a 911 call of a tank in the neighborhood. Other times not only is the comment correct, it becomes a favorite. In June of 2018, we launched the DANNAR 4.00 during the AABC conference held at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA. A dad took a video and sent it to his college-age daughter with a caption – “aliens have landed at the Hotel del”. The daughter texted back – “Oh dad, it’s a battery on wheels.” We are so grateful dad made his way back to us and let us know. It was a nice wrap-up to the day.

DANNAR Charging Up

For the DANNAR Mobile Power Station® – Charging Up means two very different things. Just how do you charge up a Battery on Wheels? And then once it is, how does it charge up your fleet or a stranded EV? This short video hopefully sparks your imagination on both – charging up vehicles, equipment, tools and also the MPS after a hard day’s work.

We enjoyed being out and about in the San Diego community during the DANNAR Mobile Power Station® 4.00 launch in June 2018. These short clips capture of just a few of the really fun experiences.

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Thanks to the industry.

“This is my opportunity to make two points as I close. One, to say thank you to the industry, the Advanced Automotive Battery industry. Without that we couldn’t have started. But what an amazing job this group has done in six years. I had had 16 kWh to start with [for 2011 concept vehicle] and now I’m using BMW high-performance i3 batteries. I can put multiple packs, scalable three, six, nine and twelve all the way to 500 kWh. Now I can really do some work and we can come up with this type of solution. It’s my opportunity to say thanks to the industry. And the other thing is to remind everyone this is not about transportation only. Your technology is going to transform the world in many, many ways.” – Gary Dannar

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